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3 Tools To Grow Your Business

two cartoon figure girls with a treasure chest of ideas flowing out

I just teamed up with my friend, Georgie Hagen, to bring you the most amazing Lunch & Learn we’ve done yet! Here’s the replay in case you missed it!!  Below the video I’m sharing with you how to use these tools for business growth and get them free!!  I hope this helps you grow!

First of all, download your pdf that went with the class.

Second, here are the 3 tools for business growth laid out for you and how to implement them!!

ChatGPT images

Georgie did such a great job showing us how the paid version of ChatGPT creates such amazing images to use either with social media or with SendOutCards!!  Way to go Georgie!!  If you’d like more information from her about this or if you’d like to get connected with her custom chatbot designer, she can be reached at

Look at what she made with ChatGPT!!

two cartoon figure girls with a treasure chest of ideas flowing out


I discovered an INSANE AI tool!!  It will build your digital products AND create it’s sales pages, emails and ads, and MORE!!

👇 It’s called Pagewheel. 👇

Who needs it?

Guys, I started using Pagewheel because someone told me that it would help me create my lead magnets in record time… But once I started building my digital product I realized that YES!!  It will help any business that needs to grow their list, but ALSO!!

It is perfect for coaches, online course creators, bloggers and influencers – basically anyone who is in the information business who DETESTS funnels!!

If you hate creating funnels and get stuck wrestling with “getting it all to work” – Pagewheel is for you.

How does it work?

You tell Pagewheel your “topic” and then it will give you suggested products that you can edit, make yours, and use as lead magnets, sell as tripwires, print and distribute at an event, really – they are yours to use almost any way you’d like!

What does it cost?

What does NOT using Pagewheel cost??  Well it means a lot of time designing a product, WRITING the copy for the digital product, creating an offer page, a thankyou page, creating the emails, hooking it all up together so it “works”.  THEN having to draft the sales emails, the delivery emails, create the ads…

If you are creating products “the old way” you are spending a TON of time and money and effort.

Pagewheel costs only $27 a month… at it’s lowest plan… and it will save you HOURS and HOURS of effort and stress – and potentially THOUSANDs in software and team!

Basically, it’s worth it!!

What do you need to do??

Sign Up!!  Here 👉👉  PAGEWHEEL

Do you want it FREE??  Ask about our affiliate program where you get 30% of everyone’s subscriptions that subscribe with your link.  Ask about how to get started sharing today!!


Last but certainly not least… SendOutCards is near and dear to my heart.  I’ve got hundreds of examples of how a simple card has changed someone’s whole day.  You are missing out on putting kindness on steroids if you DON’T have this app on your phone.  It’s super simple to get started.  Visit my custom site and send a card to try this out!  Watch in the video how it works into the life of your business to make it better!!  It’s amazing!!  Watch this!!

How do you get SendOutCards for free??  Share it!!  Our affiliate program is one of the best!!

Ready to get started simplifying your business??  Let’s chat!!

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