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Well, well, well… What a short or long 24 years… depends on who you’re talking to!
24 years ago yesterday, I met my husband.  Of course, at the time, I had no idea he was gonna even apply for the job but nonetheless… here we are.
So as I’m sitting here reminiscing, I decided to pull up my journal from 2000… Below is the entry from April 1st, 2000…. 

Today was a long day but fun. I got called at the last minute for a day trip on the jet and my captain was very nice. When I got to my plane that morning, I boarded and looked to the left (cockpit) and saw no one so I began my pre-flight activities in the galley. I was singing my little songs and just happy in general. I’m sure I looked pretty stupid but since I had looked in the cockpit, I was sure I was alone.

Then I turned to go to the back of the plane to check the emergency equipment and jumped about 10 feet because there was my captain, sitting in row 2! I asked him how long he’d been sitting there and he said ‘the whole time.’ And was laughing!

I introduced myself with an embarrassed face and then went about my duties, thinking this would be a long day because now, my captain thought I was an airhead. Well, we ended up laughing about it and had a nice day together. He tried to get my phone number but I’m just not ready for that stuff right now. He seems nice enough though but my judgment really stinks these days! Maybe I’ll ask John Goodson to check him out. On the bus ride back to our cars, he moved over to sit beside me and tried to ask me for my email address. I just didn’t feel comfortable with that. He ended up giving me his email address but I don’t know whether I’ll email him or not. We’ll see. Anyway, the skies were beautiful today. Good day for a plane ride.

Present day… 2 grown kids, 23 years of marriage, lots of ups and downs but God is good all the time.

I read this now and laugh, obviously, because I was very cautious just because I’d been out with a few losers in the past so I didn’t really trust myself at all!  The Lord has been so good to me.  I’ve had the best 24 years of my life.

We are contemplating moving closer to Mom and Dad and hoping it’ll be on a lake. What a way to wake up and a fun place for the boys to bring their future families.

What decisions are you facing today? Ask the Lord for wisdom and discernment!! In ALL things ask God because everything comes from above.

I guess that’s my ONE THING for today… I’m thankful for my health and the health of my family.  Thank You Lord.


Go mail some joy,