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Pick My Brain

Hey April, can I pick your brain?

I get asked that A LOT. So that’s why I made this page just for you!! Below you will find what I’m using, tools I promote and how I keep my life so simple and how you can too!! I’ll link the tool for you, tell you why I use it and even tell you upfront how much something is and why I think it’s worth it! Come on! You can simplify your business in a few simple steps!

Social media tools

BIZZY is a tool I use to plan my social media content and create digital products to share as lead magnets or sell as downloads. Click here to join or learn more but be sure to use code APRIL as a promo code at checkout for proper tracking!

Bizzy is paid monthly or save more paying yearly like I do. The Beginner plan is $27/mo ($21/mo if paid yearly) or the Business plan is $47/mo or $36/mo if paid yearly. Watch this to see why I love it so much.

Bizzy monthly payment plans